South Florida Family Health and Research Centers (SFFHRC) TeleHealth Department provides secure HIPPA Compliant; State of the Art Telemedicine consultations with live video conferencing for patients throughout Florida at little or no out of pocket cost and is covered by most major health insurance plans.

Telemedicine is an approved system by the State of Florida and Board of Medicine which allows patients to conveniently be seen by their doctor’s office remotely from any mobile device or PC live through video conferencing.

(SFFHRC) TeleHealth Department is staffed by bilingual providers that speak fluent English, Spanish and Mandarin. Get immediate care and schedule your live visit with (SFFHRC) Telemedicine mobile app; it’s free to install, keep and manage from anywhere, at any time.

Rural Telemedicine

SFFHRC Rural Telemedicine

Living in a rural area with no primary care may lead to frequent ER visits.

Corporate Telemedicine

SFFHRC Corporate Telemedicine

Some executive professionals may feel this option is best considering their busy lifestyle.

SFFHRC Residential Telemedicine

SFFHRC at home Telemedicine

Stay at home moms with kids is a fulltime job on its own, especially when afterschool activities are scheduled; our medical staff is just a call away.

College and Universities Telemedicine Choice

SFFHRC College & University Telemedicine

College students with a busy class and work schedule feel this option in healthcare fits best.

Select a perfect time and start your virtual visit for just $49*. Click Here to Install. 


Conditions Treated


  1. Enrollment is Free 
    – Simply Sign up and log in. Enrollment is easy and can be done in a few minutes.
  2. Time meet your Healthcare Provider
    – Select a perfect time and start your virtual visit for $49*.
  3. Fast
    – Soon after your treatment; medication will be electronically sent or called into your pharmacy.


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