School Health Services


South Florida Family Health and Research Centers is your choice for affordable, comprehensive student health care for Universities/Colleges and public or private schools alike including child care facilities. Our healthcare centers provide full-service Primary Care Family Medicine and Womens Health medical exams which include quarterly and annual screenings/physicals as well as sick visits in SFFHRC Health Center location or through school-based centers and per diem health screening programs. South Florida Family Health and Research Centers School Health Division is available year round.

South Florida Family Health and Research Centers Medical Groups have two convenient Primarycare Family Medicine and Womens Health locations in South Florida; Kendall-Miami and Plantation-Broward. Please schedule your appointments online or call your location of choice.
student health services
South Florida Family Health and Research Centers (SFFHRC) welcomes and thanks all faculty members and parents who recommend our Primarycare Family Group or Womens Health Center

School-Based Centers and Per Diem Health Screening Programs.

School and institutional health screenings are performed by our Board-Certified Physicians, Physician Assistants, and experienced Medical Assistants. All are highly trained and committed medical professionals experienced in working with large schools and institutions. We seamlessly conduct screenings and coordinate medical services from start to finish, allowing students, administrative staff and parents to quickly return to their scheduled activities, and preventing missed days from school or work due to common illnesses and communicable diseases.

Students who are found to be ill or to have a specific communicable disease during our comprehensive screenings are immediately brought to the attention of their school, camp or institution’s official for parental notification pending school/ patient age; protocol. When parents are notified, SFFHRC Medical Divisions: Family Medicine, Womens Health and Lice Source Services/ Lice Cleanique; medical staff members follows up with referral assistance or provides affordable and convenient health care, either on-site or at (SFFHRC) facilities, depending upon school protocol, parental consent and the nature of the health problem. Medical Treatment for Headlice and Rapid Headlice Removal is also offered at (SFFHRC) healthcare center locations.

Our experience gained from numerous school and camp health screenings let us effectively and smoothly complete an on-site school/ camp health screening in just half a school or summer camp day, allowing students/ children to quickly return to class or summer fun. 

There are many advantages to using South Florida Family Health and Research Centers health services, but the foremost reason is that by supporting a comprehensive health center program you assure each child a healthy environment where wellness is valued.

South Florida Family Health and Research Centers encourages health and wellness education in schools, institutions and at home. Our professional and conscientious staff members are available for volunteer presentations on various health topics. We believe education is our best line of defense against Communicable Diseases, Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

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