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Womens Health and Adolescent-Teenaged Girls Health Center

South Florida Family Health and Research Centers, (SFFHRC) medical division of Women and Girls Health and Wellness locations are in Kendall Miami-Dade and Plantation Broward. Our multilingual, highly trained and experienced Board-Certified Medical Staff provides personalized Primary Healthcare. Compassionately focused on addressing the unique health and wellness needs of women of all ages while improving your overall health. You may book your appointment online, just click here to select a location.

Womens Health Centers

Affordable Preventative Well Women and Girls Visits

Annual breast exams, pelvic exams and laboratory testing. At (SFFHRC) affordable care is just as important as providing care for you and your loved ones.


Routine Women’s Health Screenings

Always following up in caring through comprehensive Annual Physicals, Treatments and Medication Maintenance including Counseling for Healthy Living.


Common Womens Health Conditions Treated:

Adolescent Teenaged Girls Health

S. FL. Family Health and Research Ctrs. primarycare providers positively educates and address all health concerns of teenaged girls developing into young women, including:



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